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Caring for Clear Aligners

What are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?


We are delighted that you have chosen us as your orthodontic care provider, and we want to ensure that your journey towards a beautiful, healthy smile with clear aligners is as smooth as possible. To help you maintain optimal oral hygiene and preserve the integrity of your aligners, we have prepared some essential take-home care and cleaning instructions.


Brushing and Flossing:


  • Brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal and snack using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Pay extra attention to cleaning around the attachments of your aligners.

  • Floss your teeth daily to remove any trapped food particles or plaque. Gentle flossing techniques will help maintain healthy gums and prevent tooth decay.


Cleaning Your Aligners:


  • Rinse your aligners with lukewarm water every time you remove them. This will help remove saliva and minimize bacterial buildup.

  • Use a clear, gentle antibacterial soap or aligner cleaning solution recommended by your orthodontist to clean your aligners. Avoid using colored or scented soaps, as they may stain or leave residue.

  • Gently brush your aligners with a soft toothbrush to remove any remaining debris. Avoid using toothpaste, as it may scratch the aligner surface.

  • Always rinse your aligners thoroughly after cleaning to ensure no cleaning solution or soap residue remains.


Proper Aligner Storage:


  • When not wearing your aligners, store them in their dedicated case provided by our office. This will protect them from damage and reduce the chances of misplacing them.

  • Keep your aligner case clean by rinsing it regularly with water and allowing it to air dry.

Eating and Drinking:


  • Remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything other than plain water. This will prevent staining and avoid damage to your aligners.

  • Remember to brush your teeth and rinse your aligners before wearing them again after meals or snacks.


Regular Check-ups:


Maintain your scheduled orthodontic appointments to monitor your progress and address any concerns. Our team is here to support you throughout your treatment journey.


By following these care and cleaning instructions, you will help ensure the success of your clear aligner treatment and keep your smile healthy and beautiful. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.


Wishing you continued success with your orthodontic journey!

A Beautiful Smile Makes all the Difference!

We offer Pediatric Dentistry and Braces for Kids and Teens

The American Association for Orthodontists recommends that every child have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7.


Early detection and treatment gives your child the edge - a much better chance for natural and normal development.  One advantage of having Dr. Milton, Dr. Brittany, Dr. Derek, Dr. Eilish and Dr. Zach for your child’s dental home is that we monitor their growth & development on a regular basis. Our parents truly appreciate having orthodontic treatment done in our office.  This allows them to coordinate cleaning and check-up appointments with orthodontic appointments. By working with the natural growth instead of against it, we can prevent problems from becoming worse, and give your child a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Ask Us About a Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation for

Your Child or Teen!

 1824 Pearl Road

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Ask Us About a Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation for

Your Child or Teen!